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Wild Dog Solutions. A new name with familiar faces from the Deeplake ANZ team.

At Wild Dog Solutions we specialise in digital solutions for community, local and state government housing providers.

Our products are selected from the best available on the market to help you enable your digital transformation strategy. 

From communication via SMS & email through to Tenant Portals and giving Staff offline access to information when they are out of the office, we cover all the bases.

Scroll down to find out more about our products and services (from business analysis through to implementation) or if you've read enough then contact us to arrange an online demonstration. 

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Simple ideas, beautifully executed

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  • 24 * 7 Self Service for Tenants

  • Web App to access Tenant Information

  • Log Repairs

  • View Rent Statements

  • Make Payments

Every CHP we talk too, regardless of size (micro to massive) has 3 main things they want Tenants to be able to do:

  1. Access Rent Statements & Balance - online

  2. Log a Repair - online

  3. Make secure payments - online

Tenant Portal allows them to do this and much more.

Tenant Portal is a Web App that runs on any web browser, allowing Tenants to self service most of their common enquiries and the CHP to provide online access to information.

  • 24 * 7 Self Service for Tenants

  • Automate Tenant Communication

  • Reduce Postage Costs

  • Improved Survey Responses

Organisations that use SMS to create conversations with Tenants save money and improve satisfaction. 



Intelligent Messaging can automatically send an SMS message based on an event in your housing management system (e.g. an arrears balance or a work order appointment), this allows staff to focus on tenants and takes away the mundane, time heavy tasks such as chasing arrears or confirming contractor visits.

We can do this over email or the best combination of the two.

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  • Use Offline or Online

  • Use for Inspections, Tenant Meetings, Reviews, Surveys

  • 550 standard forms 

  • Able to create custom forms

Your Housing Systems have a wealth of information in them that your organisation has spent many years and hundreds of thousands of dollars collecting. 

Staff need and want to be more mobile, they want more time in front of Tenants. But their productivity is hampered by not having easy access to information they need on a device that suits how they want to work.


Our Mobile Working solution can read data from your housing system, populating it into the forms the Staff member uses with relevant information.


They can then work offline or online collecting photos and signatures, the changes can be written back to the system, PDFs created and emailed when they connect to the Internet again. 

  • Work Offline or Online

  • Use to create Services, Contacts and track interactions

  • Define the KPIs you need and Report on Outcomes

When a Service Provider offers support services to Clients (whether they are tenants or not) one of their common challenges is tracking the information that's generated and more importantly recording and reporting on the Outcomes of those services. 

Our Supporting People App allows you to define the Services, Contacts and even costs that you are providing to Clients and then record details of meetings with them, Outcomes that have been agreed and track progress over time. 

You can generate reports with Web Charts showing client Progress against objectives to make reporting internally or with external partners a simple task.

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  • 24 * 7 Mobile Access

  • View your most common functions

  • Read latest Tenant & Asset data

Your Housing Management System is probably your largest IT investment. Its got so much useful information that you have spent years cultivating and growing it. 

With Staff Portal your staff can see the latest information when they are out of the office and in front of a tenant or at a property.



We're always looking for the next big thing

One of the benefits of being independent is that we are always looking for the next useful product. 

Not because its the only product, but because its the best solution to a particular problem that our customers have identified. 



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