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Intelligent Messaging

What does it do?

Create two-way intelligent conversations with SMS and Email (coming soon WhatsApp) to let your Housing & Assets systems talk with Tenants, Contractors and Staff.

What does that mean?

You can automate time intensive and expensive tasks such as chasing arrears, confirming appointments and sending out letters and forms by post and do it digitally instead.

Why should I care?

It saves your organisation time and money.

It improves tenant satisfaction.

It lets your organisation grow more quickly.


Q: Will it work with my housing system?

A: Yes.

Q: But I haven't told you what my housing system is yet.

A: It doesn't matter. We can take data from any number of systems via a CSV file, spreadsheet, API and web service and use it inside Intelligent Messaging. We can also take different data from different systems at the same time. That's why we call it Intelligent.

Q: Ok smart guy, how about writing information back in to the housing system?

A: We can do that as well! Either via the built in import tool in your housing system or if it doesn't have an import tool,  then we use Intelligent Robot

What do I do next?

Choose one of the steps below:

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