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What does it do?

Automates data entry into ANY housing system or application.

What does that mean?

Is your digital strategy stuck because you can’t data from mobile apps or forms into your housing system? Intelligent Robot is the solution.

How does it work?

First, we record the user entering the data manually into the HMS.


Intelligent Robot then replays that recording and replaces their typing with the data you want to enter in the system maybe from an online form or your new mobile app.

Why should I care?

Intelligent Robot saves time, money and allows staff more time for Community Engagement.


Q: Will it work with my housing system?

A: Yes.

Q: But I haven't told you what my housing system is yet.

A: It doesn't matter. Intelligent Robot records what the user does in their chosen application, anything that runs on their computer from websites to windows apps to terminal emulators. That's why we call it Intelligent. 

Q: Ok smart guy, I use a web application, can your Robot do that?

A: We can do that as well! For example, if you do NRAS returns you know how painful they are to upload, imagine having Intelligent Robot do that work instead of a member of staff each time you get the TDA completed?

What do I do next?

Choose one of the steps below:

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