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Why bother with a tenant portal?

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

When the iphone was released in 2007 it introduced the concept of seamless technology to a global audience, at last, the promise of technology being simple and easy to use was a reality. Now anyone without any expereince of IT could use a smart phone and even install a new program (or "app" as we have come to call them).

One of the other changes this change in technology introduced was making the internet available to more people on more devices, no longer needing a desktop or laptop computer to browse the web.

Now people can browse the internet from a $50 phone from Aldi through to a $6000 fridge in Harvey Norman. Why is this important for a Community Housing Provider? Well even just a few years ago, the idea of making a Tenant Portal available would have included the need to budget for supplying tablets or laptops and even worse perhaps needing to manage and maintain them.

Fast forward to now and people have often made that investment already, they have the device and all they need is a way to connect with their CHP.

That's where Wild Dog Solutions can help. We have a Tenant Portal that can be used on device with a modern browser and gives Tenants 24x7 access to the information you want to share with them, from rent statements to logging a repair or making a secure online rent payment.

Contact us if you would like to organise a demo or find out more information.

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