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The dream of the paperfree office

When I was growing up in the dark ages I remember watching programs about computers telling me how they'd let us work from home and paper would be a thing of the past.

Fast forward and I've spent a long time help companies achieve the former but nothing until recently about the later. It seems we've all become expert in reducing the time taken to create a larger volume of printed documents.

In our last blog post we told you how Intelligent Forms were used to enable Tenant Sign Up to happen in a a socially distant manner.

Since then we've continued developing our library of Intelligent Forms to now cover a range of business processes from expressions of interest through to NRAS demographic forms.

With Intelligent Forms. we can take a paper form, or series of forms, like Change of Circumstance or a Rent Review Form and turn it into an intelligent form.

Its not just a copy of the paper form, but we look at the process and make it quicker to complete, reduce duplication of data, increase the quality of the captured information and get them back to you faster.

The Tenant Sign Up Intelligent Form is completed in around 12 minutes by a Tenant, they sign it on the screen and we email the PDF documents to them and the Allocations team.

Goto and sign up for a demo. You'll be glad you did!

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