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Web Forms? No. Intelligent Forms? Yes!

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

During the lockdown one of our customers approached us with a problem. How to sign up Applicants or existing Tenants with minimal face to face contact. Not an unusual request; but for these guys they had new a scheme going live which meant drawing up Tenancies for over 70 homes over a short period of time.

Their idea was to take the current printed forms and simply turn them into web pages. Applicants would then fill them in on their screen rather than on paper and they would be emailed to the Allocations Team. Simple.

Various web developers had quoted them to create the web pages and forms, but there was no intelligence about it; there was no workflow, it was simply replacing paper with glass.

They approached us initially because they wanted to SMS the Applicants with a link to the sign up documents. The discussion broadened out and when we looked at the forms it became obvious that there was lot of duplication of information between them, which maybe part of the reason that on average it takes 2 hours for Tenants to complete and read through the forms.

Wild Dog suggested a different approach; lets look at the process and make that work better.

Using our Intelligent Forms product, we showed a solution where we consolidated the fields from across 10 different documents into a single web form that the Applicant could complete either on their own or if necessary with support from a Staff member (about 20% of Applicants require support). Then we sent a link to the form via SMS which populated it with the information they already had such as the Tenancy Details, Rent Amount, etc. leaving the Applicant to complete the remaining information.

This approach means that instead of writing their name 10 times, they entered it once, our Intelligent Forms module then took that data and populated it into a PDF version of the document, along with a signature if required and emailed it to the Applicant and Allocations Team.

Take a look at some of the screenshots in the gallery to get a better idea of how this could work for you.


The Result?

Tenancy Sign Up can be completed by an Applicant in less than 20 minutes; they have the option to review the documents before they sign on the glass (as the tech people like to call it) and tap sign up.

And what about the 20% who aren't technically comfortable with this? Well we thought of that too, and the Allocations Team can email themselves a link to the Intelligent Form and complete it with the Applicant in person using a tablet device, meaning the process is still streamlined and the Applicant isn't isolated by technology!

But how do we do it?

Our Tenancy Sign Up solution can be live and ready to run in 2 weeks. Its pre-packaged and optimised to your requirements.

How can we be this confident?

Because our product is off the shelf and we have the best project management in the sector that not only know how to run IT projects, they've got a wealth of experience in Housing and our solution is built on rock solid technology that's been proven in implementations big and small.

Just think in 2 weeks you could enable digital sign up for Tenancies, saving staff time, paper work and effort while giving Applicants and Tenants an easier and faster process to get into their next home with you.


Want to try it yourself?

Contact us and organise a quick demo.

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