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Intelligent Forms

What does it do?

Allows you to create online forms that can be used across all business processes like Tenant Sign Up, Rent Reviews or Log a Repair.


Completed forms can then be uploaded automatically into ANY system using Intelligent Robot if there is no data import available.

What does that mean?

IIt means an end to hours of data entry for your staff. It all happens automatically and eliminates human error during data entry.

Why should I care?

It saves your organisation time and money.

It improves tenant satisfaction.

It lets your organisation grow more quickly and use your staff time more effectively.


Q: Will it work with my housing system?

A: Yes.

Q: But I haven't told you what my housing system is yet.

A: It doesn't matter. Intelligent Forms uses Intelligent Framework to populate its web forms with information your systems and then we send a web link vua SMS or Email to the person completing the form.

They complete it, upload attachments, sign it and submit it. When it arrives back with us, depending on the form, Intelligent Forms can action it immediately or pass it to a member of staff to verify the information and then tell us to upload it into the backend system.

That's why we call it Intelligent. 

Q: Ok smart guy, I use Docusign/ Google Forms/ Adobe Sign already, why would I look at this?

A: If you wtch the video, or book a demo, you will see how much easier Intelligent Forms are for the Tenant to use, they are designed to be accessible for people who may have reading diffciulties or for whom english is not their first language. Also unlike some of those products, you can send unlimited forms, there is no cost per form. Intelligent Forms is easier to use, cheaper to use and its more Intelligent to use than the competition.

What do I do next?

Choose one of the steps below:

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Try Intelligent 

Forms now!

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