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Mobile working is great. Until there's no network.

Mobile networks are great, they have revolutionised the way we live and work over the last 35 years. But how annoying is it when you are trying to work remotely and you run out of signal and lose your connection to the network? All of a sudden the review meeting or inspection you are working through stops while you have to try and sort it out. Even worse are the places you know have no signal, meaning you often have to make notes on paper and then re-enter it later when you have a connection.

Its lost time, productivity and also very frustrating as well as limiting your ability to deliver a service to your Tenants.


The Wild Dog Mobile Working service is our answer to this problem. Simply put it allows a staff member to download the information and forms they need to do their work for the day or week and then once they are mobile, they do not need to connect to the Internet again until they are ready to upload their completed work.

The solution is ideal for staff who are going to do inspections, meetings or reviews with Tenants or at Properties and if there is no phone signal then it doesn't interrupt their work. They can work offline like this for hours or several days, and when they get an internet connection the data is securely sent back to the office.


We've got a really simple demo we can show you, it takes about 15 minutes and provided you have a network connection we can show over a webinar!

Simply click on the Live Chat box on the web page and you send us a message requesting a demo.

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